Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Blueprint No. 44
Custom Version Thumper
GL06 is an Explosive weapon grenade launcher.


GL06 is a single grenade launcher. It has low rate of fire but once the grenade hits enemy, it sticks to their body and explodes for few seconds.There is no way to remove it. Grenades stick to walls, floor, corpses and all other objects as well. It is harder to get killed by this weapon's grenades.

It is accurate, but only on short ranges. You can't snipe with it, it's best to get close. Anyway, aim high because grenades are affected by gravity.


GL06 is an average weapon which is good only for killing single targets. The easiest way to use it is to climb to higher positions on any map and shoot your enemies from above, due to the grenades are affected by gravity and this way you get more accuracy. Their speed is also extremely slow. You can buff it with Burst Module as it fires both grenades in a burst.

If you are looking for a really good grenade launcher with many uses, try MK32 or DSR1 Experimental instead.


  • GL06 is the replacement of Thumper from Strike Force Heroes 1 and 2. This time, Thumper is the name of GL06's custom version.
  • Its real life counterpart is a grenade laucher of the same name, made by B&T.