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Furnace map.jpg

Furnace is the smallest map in Strike Force Heroes 3, first appearing in Mission 16.


Furnace is a map with several platforms and not much space. Battles there are usually finished quick. Its setting appears to be a foundry or a factory with fire/melted iron in the background.


Due to the tightness of the map, avoid combat with rocket launchers and explosive weapons, and try sticking with your squad-- pick a squad that specializes in non-explosive and short-to-medium range combat.


  • Along with Gorge, this is one of the rarer maps seen in the campaign.
  • Although it may initially seem that this map is a reskin of SFH1's "Foundry" map in terms of color scheme, this map is actually a reskin of Raze 3 map Desert Storm. The actual reskin of SFH1's "Foundry" is Factory.