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Forest map.jpg

Forest is a map. First time it appears in the campaign is in Mission 8.


Forest is set in an jungle enviroment, with mostly square rock platforms similar to ones in the Temple. In the background, a dense forest can be seen along with high wooden houses.

Forest is one of the biggest maps, the player will have to cross a big path while capturing the flag. But there aren't any enviromental hazards as in most of big maps.

Pick-up items locations[]


  • Before a certain update, AI bots couldn't reach the top left corner of the map, which was neccessary to deliver the flag.
  • This is one of few maps that isn't a remake of any other game made by Sky9, however some parts are very similar to Raze 2 map called Shipyard.
  • This map is probably located near the Temple.
  • The ruined huts in the background heavily resemble the Village from Strike Force Heroes 1, implying that the Forest is set near it.