Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia

Flame Armor is one of two killstreaks used by Juggernaut class, other being I'm The Juggernaut. Flame Armor is Tower's killstreak.

Flame Armor.png


Requires 4 kills to activate.

When you activate it, the Juggernaut gains full armor, and gains a burning aura around him for 7 seconds. Any enemy soldier that stands close enough to the Juggernaut is set on fire AND inflicted with poison. This way, you can conserve ammo. This killstreak is extremely helpful on side mission Watch Your Back. You are invisible, and if you activate the Flaming Armor the shield will be invisible, too. Enemies won't notice you walk past them and if you do, you kill them silently with fire (and poison) so others won't be alerted and won't shoot you.


Tower uses this killstreak.