Five Seven
Five Seven Highres Transparent
Slot Secondary
Type Pistol
Class All except Juggernaut and Mercenary
Blueprint No. 2
Custom Version Popper

Five Seven is a pistol, secondary weapon used all classes, except for Juggernauts and Mercenaries.


Five Seven is a Burst-Fire pistol, that fires 3 shots per squeeze of the trigger. It is available in the Prototype, Broken, Normal, Refined and Flawless qualities. The Custom Gold version of the Five Seven is the Popper.


Five Seven has the fastest fire rate of all pistols, plus burst-fire, making it good for close range battles. But it can backup close range weapons too, due to it's high accuracy for mid to long range battles.


  • The Five Seven blueprint is the first blueprint earned in the game.
  • It is the only burst-fire pistol.