Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia
Age 49
Nationality Egyptian
Class Elite
Killstreak Death Ray

A descendant of Egyptian royalty. Wears SPF 100 and likes her steak very, very rare.

 -Strike Force Heroes: Extraction description 

Fatale is a unique hero of the Elite class and is the final unique character to be unlocked in the game. She is unlocked after completing Elemental Fury on Insane difficulty. 


Fatale first appeared in Strike Force Heroes: Extraction and is over 708 years old. She is also said to be a vampire.

Abilities and Upgrades[]

Trait: Energy Ammo

Flaw: Squanderer

Killstreak: Death Ray 


Fatale only has Defensive upgrades.

Upgrade Column 1: Pride/Iron Will

Upgrade Column 2: Resistant/Bomb Squad

Upgrade Column 3:Burn Resistant/Hard Headed


Fatale really has the short end of the stick when it comes to Elites. Not only does she have the problematic Energy Ammo trait, she also has the Death Ray killstreak which is usually considered completely inferior to Satellite Beam. The ammo regeneration from Energy Ammo is simply too slow to counter the high fire rate of most Experimental and Elemental weapons. Fatale's completely defensive set of Upgrades is possibly her best aspect. Pride allows her to use Elementals in close range with less consequence while Resistant and Burn Resistant improve her durability against Experimentals. Overall, Fatale is easily replaced by a normal Elite and is a candidate for the worst unique hero in the game.


  • Her appearance resembles Ada Wong from the Resident Evil franchise
  • In Strike Force Heroes Extraction, Fatale has a drastically different appearance. She has brown skin, white eyes, and white fangs. She also wears a sort of Egyptian headdress.