Age 708
Nationality Egyptian
Class Elite
Killstreak Death Ray


Fatale is a unique hero of the Elite class and is the final unique character to be unlocked in the game. She is unlocked after completing the side mission Elemental Fury on Insane difficulty. 

History Edit

Fatale is over 708 years old descendant of Egyptian royalty. She is also rumored to be a vampire.

Traits and upgrades Edit

Fatale's trait is Energy Ammo. It gives her weapons the ability to regenerate ammo, thus she is unable to pick up ammo boxes around the map. Her flaw is Squanderer  (-30% health and ammo if picking up ammo and health). However, with the Energy Ammo trait, she can't pick up normal ammo, so the flaw has no effect on ammunition but reduces her survivability because health items will restore less.

She has the Death Ray killstreak (Ignite all enemies after 3 seconds) 


Fatale's upgrades are all defensive.

Upgrade Column 1: Pride (-40% damage from own attacks) / Iron Will (Take -20% damage based on how low your health is).

Upgrade Column 2: Resistant (Higher resistance to status effects) / Bomb Squad (Take 15% less damage from explosives).

Upgrade Column 3: Burn Resistant (Take 25% less damage from fire and poison) / Hard Headed (Take 15% less damage from headshots).


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