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Factory is a map in Strike Force Heroes 3. It is setting of the first mission in Campaign.


Factory is a map of medium size. It is set in a snowy, abandoned factory. It has a truck in the right corner and tunnels in the top left. There is a big electrized hole in the middle which kills player instantly if he falls in it. In the background can be seen rockwork similar to Canyon map. It is snowing during gameplay.

The hole splits two sides of the map, and it must be crossed to pass from the one side to another. In the left corner, there is an air vent throught which the player can pass by crouching. The tunnel leads down to the place where flag is located in Capture the Flag games.

In the right corner. there is a truck, which is the location of the other flag. Above the truck, there is also a small piece of cliff where the player can jump on.


The map is perfect for sniping and ambushing enemies. Snipers with Wall Hack can hide in the air vent and kill many enemies from there, because enemy AI rarely goes up there, and they can't hit you as you are completely in cover. However, the Wall Hack lasts only 8 seconds.

Another advantage of the air vent is that you can use grenade launchers to drop projectiles below you, while in corner. This is very effective in capture the flag missions, as you can clear the are and steal the flag, but you can't get back the same way.

Be careful, using explosive/elemental weapons while in the vent often results in suicide. 

Low level AI allies and enemies often kill themselves when they try to jump over the hole. You can take advantage by running away from them to lead them into the trap, and save ammo.

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  • Factory is actually a reskin of the first Strike Force Heroes "Foundry" map.
  • This map has identical structure as Gorge, except the left end is closed with walls.
  • Speaking of the Gorge, it is actually in the background if you look very closely.
  • The pit in the middle of the map is actually bottomless; if a player or projectile enters the pit, they keep falling forever.