Slot Primary
Type Rifle
Class Engineer


Blueprint No. 19
Custom Version Peacekeeper

The FAL OSW is a Rifle in Strike Force Heroes 3.


The FAL OSW is, unlike most Rifles in the game, semi-automatic. To compensate for its low Rate of Fire, it has extremely high damage and above average accuracy. Magazine size is lower than average at 23 rounds.


The FAL OSW should be treated as a marksman rifle, similar to a sniper rifle but with a higher rate of fire, a higher magazine and reserve capacity, and lower damage. It is best used at mid-to-long ranges in combat due to its high damage and above-average accuracy. It is very effective when paired with a Burst Module. The high damage of the gun can create instant kills with the three round burst of the Burst Module. Due to it's low-rate of fire, the FAL does not fare very well in close quarters. Use an automatic sidearm (e.g. an SMG like RCP 90) with a high RoF for close range combat.


  • The FAL OSW is based on a similar weapon that is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
  • The FAL OSW is a special-forces, paratrooper variant of the FN FAL battle rifle.