Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Class Ninja
Killstreak Deadly Shurikens

Evelynn is a unique Ninja. She is unlocked after completing Ninja Nights on Insane difficulty. 


Evelynn does not appear in any other Strike Force Heroes game, and as such does not have any obtainable background information.

Abilities and Upgrades[]

Trait: Chameleon

Flaw: Nervous

Killstreak: Deadly Shurikens


Evelynn has Offensive and Defensive upgrades only (one each per column).

Upgrade Column 1: Battle Hardened/Kill Stealer

Upgrade Column 2: Lucky/Rage

Upgrade Column 3: Adrenaline/Confidence


Evelynn is a flexible Ninja who can sport either strong offense or defense thanks to her unique order of Upgrades. Equipping all the Offensive Upgrades will allow her to hit extremely hard with Shotguns. Combined with Chameleon, Evelynn can use hit-and-run tactics to ambush enemies and hopefully kill them in one shot before slipping back into invisibility. Of course, Chameleon wears off when being too close to enemies, so the R870 shotgun is recommended due to its good range; its custom version, the Defriender, has even higher range. Duals are more useful with all Defensive Upgrades equipped as they will require Evelynn to fire more times and thus expose herself more from invisibility. 

As for secondary weapons, the Hattori Hanzo or Sky9 Iron can usually match the power of Shotguns. On the other hand, equipping a capable long range weapon such as the Bolt Sticker can cover up for the lack of range most Shotguns have. Overall, Evelynn is a versatile Ninja who can ambush enemies or hold ground in sustained fighting. 


  • Evelynn is one of two unique heroes who are completely new to the Strike Force Heroes series, the other being Rusty.
  • She is a reference to the champion from League of Legends with the same name.