Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Class Ninja
Killstreak Deadly Shurikens

Deadly Shurikens

Evelynn is a unique Ninja. She is unlocked after completing a mission on Insane difficulty in Ninja Nights

Gameplay Edit

Evelynn has the Deadly Shurikens killstreak, giving her 3 throwing star upon killing 3 enemies, along with the trait Chameleon which renders her invisible whenever she is not firing or close to an enemy. Her flaw is Nervous which reduces the accuracy when moving or jumping. Her upgrades are both defensive and offensive.

Upgrade Column 1: Battle Hardened / Kill Stealer

Upgrade Column 2: Lucky / Rage

Upgrade Column 3: Adrenaline / Confidence


Depending on what you choose, shotguns are best used by Ninjas who can sneak up on an enemy while invisible and eliminate them with a powerful shot form a shotgun before they have time to react. With this recommendation, we'll focus on complete stealth and one-shot power. For the upgrade columns, equip all the offensive upgrades or you could switch out Rage for Lucky in the second upgrade slot depending on the situation. For your mods, equip the Laser Sight attachment for increase critical damage by 15% and equip the Extreme Focus offensive upgrade perk in the equipment slot. For the primary weapon of choice, equip the Defriender or the regular R870 shotgun. You don't have to worry about range since the R870 has by far the longest range in the shotgun category. And the custom Defriender has an absurd increase in range by 30% to a already high range stat. Making the Advanced Rifling redundant. As for secondary, either Hattori Hanzo , Sky9 Iron or the Bolt Sticker should match the shotgun's one-shot power. Stealth is your ally here and this recommendation is focused around her Chameleon trait. Get close to your enemy but not too close for the trait to wear off. 

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only unique hero who is new to Strike Force Heroes series.
  • Hair is what makes her unique.
  • She is reference to a champion from League of Legends with the same name.
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