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Engineer is a class in Strike Force Heroes 3. It is the first playable hero class. Wesley is the first engineer character the player encounters who uses this class, and Nathan is the unique hero for the engineer class.

Similarly to the Elite, Engineers can use ALL types of secondary weapons.

The Engineer symbol is a wrench.


Engineers can be both an offensive and a support class. Engineers use Rifle and Explosive primary weapons, and have access to all three types of secondary weapons, making them one of the most versatile classes in the game..

Killstreaks that they use are Shotgun Turret and Rocket Sentry. Shotgun Turret is good at close range and for defending objectives. Rocket Sentry fires homing missiles in all directions at longer ranges.

The engineer's traits both give buffs to his turret of choice: Heavy Deployment gives +50% health and duration, while Guidance System gives +25% fire rate.

AlI Engineers are very accurate, so enemies who use Explosives are more dangerous than Mercenaries.


Shotgun Turret - Powerful, close range turret, can kill enemies in as little as two shots.

Rocket Sentry - Powerful, mid range turret, fires homing missiles at nearby enemies.

Aim bot - 25% chance of a shot being a headshot


Guidance System - Increases turret fire rate by 25%

Heavy Deployment - Increases turret health and duration by 50%


This is the upgrade order of Engineers (with exception of Nathan.) Even Wesley, the unique hero, has this order.

Column 1 (level 5): Utility Upgrades  

Column 2 (level 10): Defensive Upgrades

Column 3 (level 30): Offensive Upgrades 

Max Statistics[]

Health 185
Critical 18%
AI Aim 8
AI Mobility 7
AI Agression 6

Tips and loadouts[]

These are recommended loadouts for the Engineer class for specific missions.

SMAWG + Five Seven

This is the best loadout for early level players, good for anything.

MK32 + Katana or Stun Baton

This combo is for medium level players, especially in Team Deathmatch or Domination, not great for Capture the Flag because of the melee secondaries. Also good for Devs De La Muerte, or Defeat the Developers.

M202 + MTAR or Axe

Late level, experienced players only. The M202 is the best rocket launcher in the game, combine it with a good 3-Round-Burst gun like the MTAR, or a powerful melee such as the axe. If you ever find M202's custom version, Bennett's Doom, in combination with either of these two secondaries, you will be an unstoppable killing machine. Bennett's Doom is highly recommended for the final mission as well.

Dragon's Breath + Knife or First Blood

Very useful when both hunting solo and grouped enemies because the Dragon's Breath deals lot of damage and burns enemies while the Knife or First Blood can damage enemies at close range to don't risk your own death or damage enemies while getting away to reload or fire without risking your own death.

Crazy Badger/Iron Curtain + Righteous Bizon

Assuming you have a high level and upgraded version of these guns, this build is extremely powerful in almost every situation, excluding Gun games. Both the Crazy Badger and the Iron Curtain have excessive rates of fire, and relatively decent impact values, allowing the user to dispatch any enemy in seconds. A highly upgraded Righteous Bizon can do the same, although to lesser extent.

Unique information[]

There are two unique Engineers: Wesley and Nathan from SFH 2. Wesley is unlocked at the start of the game, and isn't very unique except that he has Energized utility skill instead of an upgrade. 



  • Engineer class is unlocked at the start, making it the only class in game which player doesn't need to fight for to unlock.
  • Engineer class likely evolved from Medic's original SFH version, but this time has access to Explosives, which makes him more like Commando from that game, which now evolved to Mercenary.