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Elite is a female class in Strike Force Heroes 3 and the last class unlocked in the game. You can recruit them if you beat Elemental Fury, or, an Unique Hero ( Fatale ) for beat it in insane mode.

They have the most health out of all female classes, and third highest in the game, behind Mercenaries and Juggernauts. They can use all types of secondary weapons.

Elite symbol resemble 3 circles in a equilateral triangle.


Elite is a special unit which uses Experimental and Elemental primary and all possible secondary weapons, making them very versatile. Their traits follow a more supportive role and they perform best around allies. Their killstreaks are Death Ray and Satelite Beam. Both killstreaks impact all enemies on the battlefield. Satelite Beam freezes all enemies while Death Ray ignites all of them for a few seconds. The Elite's traits are Energy Ammo and Liquid Coating. Energy Ammo prevents the character from picking up ammo crates but its ammo slowly replenishes. Liquid Coating gives the player a higher chance to inflict status effects on an enemy.

Elite's default primary weapon is an Ion Cannon, and default secondary is a Knife.


Elite is a more supportive class. Her killstreak Satelite Beam can be very useful for Capture the Flag missions, freezing all enemies to make a path for the flag carrier. Experimentals are generally a more popular choice to use while close range Elementals can be used to leverage her higher than average health

Unique hero[]

Fatale is the unique Elite and the latest unique hero that can be unlocked in game. Unlock her by winning the Elemental Fury level on insane.



  • Elites and Engineers are the only classes which can use all three types of secondary weapons (Pistols, SMGs and Blades)
  • Elites are the only class without a defining head element (such as the sniper's hood or the gunslinger's beret).
  • A sixth class called Spec Ops was planned for Strike Force Heroes 2, but was cut. It's possible elites evolved from this class.
  • In SFH 1, there was a special class called "Elite" in challenges. They were combinations of Assassins, Commandos and Medics.
  • The second outfit is most likely a reference to the catsuit worn by the superspy Black Widow.
  • Elites are flawless with the Butterfingers flaw because all of their weapons do not require reloading.