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Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Breath.PNG
Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Special Effect "Ignites enemies, Body Pop"

The Dragon's Breath is the custom version of the SMAWG rocket launcher.


Dragon's Breath appears as a standard rocket launcher, with a golden barrel, a scope on top, and a computerized display screen to the right of the barrel mouth.


The Dragon's Breath is an unguided, single-shot rocket launcher. It has the highest impact of all Explosive weapons.

Special effects:[]

  • Sets enemies on Fire.
  • Killing an enemy makes their body parts explode and scatter (Body Pop).


The Dragon's Breath rivals Bennett's Doom for being the best rocket launcher in the game. It deals extremely high damage and has very good accuracy. The Fire effect it inflicts can be useful to finish off enemies who survive the blast. The only real downfalls of this weapon are the low ammo capacity and the risk of suicide.

The Dragon's Breath is best paired with a full-auto secondary that has adequate range, which would be used to finish off enemies who survive the rocket, or when you're in the middle of a firefight and you don't have time to reload.

The Drum Mag and Shrapnel attachments work very well with the Dragon's Breath


  • "Dragon's Breath" refers to burning shells, not an actual dragon. 
  • The normal version of this launcher (SMAWG) is most likely a reference to Smaug from The Hobbit. This is supported by the name of this weapon.