Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Breath
Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Special Effect "Ignites enemies, Body Pop"

Dragon's Breath is a custom Explosive Weapon. It is the custom version of SMAWG rocket launcher.

Appearance Edit

Dragon's Breath is a golden traditional rocket launcher with an extra tactical scope and a lock-on computer sight near the open end of the rocket tube.


The Dragon's Breath is an unguided, single-shot rocket launcher. It has the highest damage of all Explosive weapons.

Special effects: Edit

  • Sets enemies on Fire.
  • Killing an enemy makes their body parts explode and scatter (Body Pop).


Dragon's Breath rivals the Bennett's Doom for being the best rocket launcher in the game. It deals blistering damage and with good accuracy too. The Fire effect it inflicts can be useful to finish off enemies with Adrenaline who survive the blast. The only real downfalls of this weapon are the low ammo capacity and the risk of suicide.

Use another weapon such as an SMG or Blade for close range combat (Hattori Hanzo and Big Willy are great choices). Good attachments to use are Drum Mag and Shrapnel.

Equip poison rounds for extra damage if the blast isn't really effective.


  • Dragon's Breath refers to burning shells, not an actual dragon. 
  • The normal version of this launcher (SMAWG) may be a reference to Smaug from the Hobbit. This is supported by the name of this weapon. 
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