Doctors Of Doom is the first side mission. It is played on Street map. This is the mission after which Medic class is unlocked. 

Description Edit

Team Deathmatch, 20 kills to win. The map is Street like every side mission. Enemy squad is Medic only. They have unlimited Rapid Regen killstreak. Unlike other side missions, your people don't have any special abilities.


If you unlock this lvl for the first time, level of your soldiers most likely will not be enough to defeat these medics quickly. Highly offensive classes are best for this mission. Use a weapon with high Damage Per Second to finish enemies quickly as they constantly regenerate themselves. Any rocket launcher works. Bennett's Doom is best. Bam Bam also works, too. Ideal rifles are Crazy Badger and Iron Curtain, as they can smash right through enemy crowds and quickly strip an enemy of his/her health. 


Normal (Level 4) - Medic class, after unlocking they can be recruited randomly. If it's played again reward will be random.

Hard (Level 14)Random.

Insane (Level 32)Mayday, the unique Medic. She can be recruited right after completing the mission.


  • This is the earliest mission on Street map.
  • The name is reference to Doctor Doom, a Marvel comic villain.
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