Age 45
Nationality American
Class Mercenary
Killstreak Ghost Weapon

Dex is a unique hero of the Mercenary class and originally a hostile character from Strike Force Heroes 2.

Traits and Upgrades

Dex has the Ghost Weapon killstreak, making all of his non-explosive weapons fire 2 bullets with every shot, but doubling his ammo consumption. He also has the Explosive Temper trait, boosting his fire rate by 25% while his health is less than 40% of his total health. His first column is utility, the top halves of his second and third columns are offensive, and the bottom halves of his second and third columns are defensive. His flaw is Disliked, requiring him to get 1 more kill to activate his killstreak.

Upgrade Order

Upgrade Column 1: Resourceful / Scavenger

Upgrade Column 2: Rage / Iron Will

Upgrade Column 3: Confidence / Pride


Dex is described as a known psychopath, and he does everything for money. He was part of Strike Force Heroes for a long time but was in only for money. He actually worked with GlobeX organization because he was paid big amount of money. He already knew all their plans. He was a rare member of GlobeX who was not a clone.

Before SFH 3

Dex went missing while GlobeX attacked the base where his squadmates Nathan, Jyn, Tower and West were. Later they defended the base. Dex went searching for the Scientist along with Nathan. Scientist helped them by revealing more details about GlobeX, and that they were clones. Dex and Nathan also went talking to DNA specialist Iagi who told them he will make an antidote to destroy clones. Dex was tipping GlobeX soldiers all the way, and he tried to convince Nathan that West was one who is working for GlobeX. When he came back to the base, he killed West, the general, by shooting him in the head with a revolver. He then escaped with GlobeX and killed Iagi, so he couldn't make a serum that would destroy GlobeX clone troops. He also cloned Iagi and controlled him to fight SFH team with acid weapons. Soon, the GlobeX leader took over the clone factory with a giant mech and crushed Dex with the foot in front of the player. The leader said this, "You know, Dex was a great pawn, but he was too expensive to keep around." That means Dex was betrayed by the GlobeX organization.

In SFH 3

Dex somehow recovered from the wounds caused by the mech and was captured by The Scientist who re-programmed him so he continued working for GlobeX along with Jyn, Nathan, and Tower. It is also said he is a possible clone, because GlobeX cloned everybody from the team before. But because he was re-programmed, he is more likely original Dex. Dex became a leader of GlobeX armies, and he can be fought in Veteran Heroes mission. Although he is a traitor, he is saved by SFH and can continue fighting with them if he is recruited. However, whether he is still doing so for money or not is not confirmed.


Dex is really unique as he is the only Mercenary who can use utility upgrades, and both of them give him extra ammo, which goes well with Explosive weapons that usually run out of ammo quickly. Because of that, Explosives are the best choice for Dex. One more reason to use Explosives is the Pride defensive upgrade, which makes Dex more resistant to his own attacks (explosions).