Devs De La Muerte is the 48th and final mission of Strike Force Heroes 3.


The two strongest heroes of SFH face the two most powerful GlobeX clone soldiers ever to conclude the Third Clone War: Justin and Mike. The mission is played on Street map, like many other special missions.


Best class for beating this mission is Engineer with explosive weapons or a Juggernaut with long ranged shotguns (like Defriender or R870). If you play on Easy, it will be very hard if the level of your soldiers is lower than the enemies. For playing on Hard and Insane upgrade your heroes to the max level and max weapon level. Do not use any Elemental Weapons against Justin and Mike as they can easily destroy you before you can even have the chance to attack (especially Justin's deadly Rehab) unless your teammate freezes them.

In the beginning, Justin and Mike won't have any powers or killstreaks so use that time to get some kills. After 4 kills they will start using defensive shield Juggernaut killstreak. Climb on the higher platforms because they won't be looking for you there and camp until you see them in your sights, then fire on them from above or spam grenades from grenade launcher. Soon they will deactivate the shields and start using super health regeneration. This shouldn't be a problem if you continue playing the same way. But then Justin will say stick to the shadows. They will become invisible and you may lost them, but look around and see if you can see any movements because sometimes their shadow shows up for a second. Then they will start using wall hack. Things get tricky there because they can shoot you no matter where you are. You may lose some lives there but if you didn't get killed many times before you should be able to pass this. After 25 kills they will activate their true forms and use all these killstreaks at one time. If you kept playing like in the beginning you shouldn't have many deaths and close to the end they bring out double weapons but there are only 3 kills to the victory so it should be easy.  


As this is the true final mission, the campaign officially ends here. After the mission is passed, a cutscene will appear showing Justin and Mike dead, bleeding out onto the ground. When The Scientist finds out the clones were defeated, he becomes enraged and slaughters all his generals in the GlobeX headquarters. Back in South America, the SFH base receives a message from the original GlobeX Leader-the arch-enemy of SFH in the past-who has somehow survived and now offers help fighting against GlobeX.


  • This mission is called Devs De La Muerte because Justin and Mike are actually based on Justin Gonclaves and Mike Sleva, the main creators of Strike Force Heroes.
  • During the mission, a song called "A Hero Emerges" plays. This song is a theme song in original Strike Force Heroes game. It is also the only song that can play during this mission.
  • In the pause menu it says the soundtrack that plays during gameplay is "Super Song Mega".
  • There is a glitch in this level: if the player quits the battle while enemies are using a killstreak and restarts it, they will still have that killstreak from the beginning. Refreshing the page solves this problem.
  • Sometimes, when the player completes a daily mission or a custom game, the cutscene that is showed when this mission ends appears. The cause of this glitch is unknown.