Slot Primary
Type Experimental
Class Elite


Special Effect "Ignites Enemies"
Decimator is a custom Experimental Weapon.

Appearance Edit

The Decimator is a futuristic-looking gun with a golden color scheme. It has a laser sight on top and fires red lasers instead of normal bullets.


Decimator is the custom version of Laser Cutter. Just like its standard version, the Decimator has short range but the highest fire rate of all Experimental weapons. 

Special effect: Edit

Sets enemies on Fire with every shot.


Ammo is the biggest strength of this weapon. Fire rate is still high, and it gets extremely high once upgraded. Bad accuracy remains, so an attachment like Foregrip or Diazepam is recommended. But if you're looking to snipe enemies from afar, then use Advanced Rifling to increase the range of this weapon. 

The Fire element makes up for extremely low impact, but it is still weaker than Paralyzer.


  • Decimator's name is a possible reference to Star Wars cannon of the same name.
  • This weapon's design is based off the EM1 from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
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