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Deadly Shurikens is a killstreak used by Ninja class.

Deadly Shurikens.png


Requires 3 kills to activate.

On activation, the Ninja gets equipped with 3 Shurikens. They deal extremely high damage, often killing targets in one to two hits, while also Poisoning enemies.

Evelynn, the unique Ninja, uses this killstreak.



  • Deadly Shurikens are the starting weapon of Reverse Perfection mission, but are called Multi-shurikens you get unlimited amount of them until you score a kill.
  • Be careful. If you activate this killstreak while reloading, you won't be able to fire them and you will have to wait until you get killed to get back to your weapon again. Same happens with Betsy.
  • Shurikens equipped with the Burst Module make all three stars fly at once.