Slot Primary
Type Experimentals
Class Elite


Blueprint No. 54
Custom Version Precision Shot

DSR1 is an Experimental Weapon.


The DSR1 is and experimental weapon that fires white projectiles that do not explode. It has moderate damage, good fire rate, good accuracy, and a 60 round magazine. However, it does not have a reload, so make sure to pick up ammo when running low.


The DSR1 has a longe range, so it is good at mid-to-long range combat. However, make sure to aim high at those ranges to account for the arc of the projectile. 

This is the weakest grenade launcher due to it's impact, and because it can't explode, but extremely fast grenade speed, good fire rate, and great accuracy make it easier to use.

Although grenades don't explode, you still can damage your allies (but with less impact than explosive grenade launchers). Enemies with DSR1 are more deadly than enemies with MK32 as they are highly accurate and can reach you almost wherever you go.


  • In SFH2, the DSR1 was a sniper rifle.
  • This weapon is possibly a modified version of that rifle, with grenades added to increase impact. They have a similar shape.
  • It is the only Experimental weapon without special status effect.
  • This weapon is based off the M41A Pulse Rifle in the James Cameron film Aliens.