Custom Weapons are special weapons which exist in only one condition - Custom. They are improved versions of ordinary weapons. All weapons in game have the custom version.


Custom Weapons can be recognized easily because they are all painted in gold or have at least a part that is gold ( including Sick Stick ). Some weapons also have some different parts than the original weapon.

Custom weapons don't have their blueprints so you can't fight for them like normal weapons, you can either win them on the Slot Machine or buy them in Store. In the store chances for custom weapon popping up are extremely rare...however, you can also win the custom after any battle (chances for that are slim). If the reward mark is golden, chances for getting custom are 10% increased. If you don't have any missions left with golden reward mark, you can always complete Daily Mission. When a custom weapon is won in Slot Machine, three signs that appear are SFH 3 signs and below it's written "Perfect! Now THAT'S a weapon!".

Custom weapons are improved versions of normal weapons have a special ability which the ordinary weapon doesn't, or has ability but there are less chances it takes effect. For example, if Ion Cannon has special ability Chance To Poison enemies, Paralyzer (the custom version) poisons enemies 100% with each shot. Stats are also higher in every custom weapon (Impact, rate of fire, accuracy and damage).

List of Custom Weapons


- Boomstick 2.0
- Closing Time
- Old Yeller
- Ice Chamber
- Defriender


- Bolt Sticker
- Licence To Kill
- Popper
- Jericho
- 45 Tactical


- Crazy Badger
- Harbinger
- Future Soldier
- Iron Curtain
- Peacekeeper

Machine Guns:

- LAW Giver 
- Chain SAW
- Raven
- Mobile Turret
- Ratatouille


- Dragon's Breath 
- Bam Bam
- Thumper
- Tank Buster
- Bennett's Doom


- Edison's Bane
- Afterburner
- Bad News
- Sub Zero
- Liquifier


- Paralyzer
- Decimator
- Precision Shot
- Futurama 
- Fortune's 500


- Righteous Bizon
- RCP 90
- Greaser
- Tavor
- Cleaner


- First Blood
- Sky9 Iron
- Hattori Hanzo
- Big Willy
- Sick Stick


- Rehab
- Wildcat
- Farsight
- Marksman


- Tequilas
- Avengers
- Hand Cannons
- Ballers
- Executioners

Specials :

- Multi-Shurikens
- Golden Betsy