Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia

Custom Weapons (or "Customs" for short) are highly improved versions of the normal weapons found in SFH3, easily recognizable by their snazzy nicknames (i.e. Iron Curtain, Ratatouille, etc.), golden accent color, and futuristic touches found on all but a few of them.


Each Custom has a special perk (sometimes multiple) not found in its normal counterpart, or an 100% chance to apply an effect that the normal counterpart would only have, say, a 10% or 15% chance of applying. For example, while the Ion Cannon can poison enemies, its custom version, the Paralyzer, is CERTAIN to poison with each shot. Stats are also higher in every custom weapon than any version of a custom's normal counterpart, and can be upgraded to five stars.

Technically speaking, Custom is the highest rarity/quality a weapon can have, however they're often so different from their non-custom counterparts that they feel like separate weapons.


Customs can be obtained as a reward post-match (if you see a golden "?" for the mission's reward, then there's an extra 10% chance of getting a Custom - if you run out of missions, there's always the Daily Mission), in the store (on the rare occurrences when they do pop up), or as a prize in the Slot Machine by rolling three "SFH3" signs in a row, with the message "Perfect! Now THAT IS a weapon!" appearing (you'll also receive funds from your win).

List of Custom Weapons[]


- Boomstick 2.0
- Closing Time
- Old Yeller
- Ice Chamber
- Defriender


- Bolt Sticker
- Licence To Kill
- Popper
- Jericho
- 45 Tactical


- Crazy Badger
- Harbinger
- Future Soldier
- Iron Curtain
- Peacekeeper

Machine Guns[]

- LAW Giver 
- Chain SAW
- Raven
- Mobile Turret
- Ratatouille


- Dragon's Breath 
- Bam Bam
- Thumper
- Tank Buster
- Bennett's Doom


- Edison's Bane
- Afterburner
- Bad News
- Sub Zero
- Liquifier


- Paralyzer
- Decimator
- Precision Shot
- Futurama 
- Fortune's 500


- Righteous Bizon
- RCP 90
- Greaser
- Tavor
- Cleaner


- First Blood
- Sky9 Iron
- Hattori Hanzo
- Big Willy
- Sick Stick


- Rehab
- Wildcat
- Farsight
- Marksman


- Tequilas
- Avengers
- Hand Cannons
- Ballers
- Executioners

Killstreak/Challenge Exclusive[]

- Multi-Shurikens
- Golden Betsy