Slot Secondary
Type Pistol
Class All except Juggernaut and Mercenary
Blueprint No. 4
Custom Version Bolt Sticker

The Crossbow is a Pistol in SFH 3.


The Crossbow is a single shot weapon dealing a large amount of damage per shot. It has an extremely low Rate of Fire because the hero needs to put a new bullet after each shot, but high accuracy.


The Crossbow is best used as a long range secondary. It is the most accurate sidearm in the game. Only take enemies out close if they are low on health. Otherwise, the single shot will not kill them. The reloading also takes about 3 seconds (quite long for a pistol), so be wary of where you shoot.


  • Although the Drum Mag Glitch works for single-shot weapons like the SMAWG and Dragon's Breath, it WILL NOT WORK for the crossbow nor the Bolt Sticker. Instead, equipping the drum mag while your character has a crossbow will render the crossbow useless (i.e., the crossbow will still have 0 ammo even though you have reloaded it).
  • This weapon is actually mini version of the Crossbow [1] from SFH 1, which was a sniper rifle with similar stats. It was also re used in SFH: Extraction.