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The Canyon is a map. Set in a desert, most likely by its smaller cousin, the Gorge, this is perhaps one of the most complex and dangerous maps in the game, if not the most.


The Canyon is an asymmetrical map, separated into many piecemeal segments. There is a large gap in the bottom left of the map that must be jumped over. There are all 3 types of pick-ups: 2 health packs, 2 ammo packs and 1 armor pack. 

Environmental Effects

There are several lamps in the map, that move around and provide little light but they have no effects. Desert wind blows all the time during the gameplay, which causes lamps to swing and carries some dusty objects that you can't collide with. It also moves dead bodies, so you can't always rely on their cover from enemy bullets on this map.

Enviromental Hazards[]

Most of the map is free from enviromental hazards, but there is a deep gap in the bottom left, which can take your life if you jump in it. Avoid jumping over it and try to take the safe way by crossing the bridge above it. Jumping over it is often hard, and AI soldiers can fall into it, like on many other maps that contain holes. It is best to cross the wooden bridge over it instead of jumping, but if you are sure you won't fall, you can lead your enemies into the trap. Be careful, because enemies can lead you into the trap too!


It is easy to get lost in the Canyon because there are many similar tunnels. The highest point of the map is excellent for sniping because it is open at boths sides and you can see enemies coming. It is also a point in Domination mode, so you can stay there and easily defend. If you are in the middle of the map, you need a lot of jumps to get out and it can get tricky if you want to escape from Wall Hack.

Pick-up locations[]


  • Canyon is a re-skin of the Raze 3 map The Falls.