Strike Force Heroes 3 Wikia
Age 31
Nationality South African
Class Gunslinger
Killstreak RoF Boost

Can shoot the crumbs off the whiskers of a mouse from 400 yards out. Needs reading glasses, though.

-Strike Force Heroes: Extraction description

Calamity is a unique Gunslinger. She is unlocked after completing Reverse Perfection on Insane difficulty.


Calamity first appeared in Strike Force Heroes: Extraction. There, she was an expert sniper.

Abilities and Upgrades[]

Trait: Gun Play

Flaw: Loud

Killstreak: RoF Boost


She has Utility and Offensive Upgrades.

Upgrade Column 1: Muscle Memory/Quick Initiative

Upgrade Column 2: Extreme Focus/Pickpocket

Upgrade Column 3: Confidence/Long Lasting


Calamity is an interesting Gunslinger who doesn't particularly excel at using either Duals or Snipers. Her flaw makes it difficult for her to play like a Sniper, but choosing the Extreme Focus upgrade can make well-aimed shots hit hard. Calamity's utility upgrades also improve her support capabilities; the combination of Muscle Memory and Long Lasting in particular makes her RoF Boost considerably more effective. Gun Play is a complex trait that is best used with low-ammo primaries such as the L115, but it can never used effectively by the AI, making it less useful compared to Inspire. Overall, Calamity is not a super impressive Gunslinger, but can definitely run along with or replace Sanchez.


  • Like Tower and Nathan, she is unlocked in a mission which doesn't unlock her class when won on normal mode for the first time. Rather, the Gunslinger class is unlocked after mission 1.
  • Her appearance and name is most likely a tribute to the western outlaw Calamity Jane.