Age 31
Nationality South African
Class Gunslinger
Killstreak RoF Boost


Calamity is a unique hero. She is a Gunslinger. She is unlocked after completing a side mission Reverse Perfection (Second side mission) on Insane mode.

History Edit

Calamity is a South African 31 years old. She first appeared in Strike Force Heroes: Extraction. There, she was an expert sniper. Her description was:

Can shoot the crumbs off the whiskers of a mouse from 400 yards out. Needs reading glasses, though.

Traits and upgradesEdit

Calamity's killstreak is RoF Boost - she can increase the rate of fire for all weapons for all of her squadmates by 50% for 8 seconds (2-3 seconds longer if Long Lasting is equipped). Her flaw is Loud (like Wesley and Jyn) which makes her spotted easier form a distance. Her trait is Gun Play, which means that killing an enemy instantly reloads her secondary weapon. She has Utility and Offensive upgrade types.


Column 1: Muscle Memory (Utility) - Killstreaks aren't lost on death, but she earns it 50% slower / Quick Initiative (Utility) - Respawns 2 seconds faster.

Column 2: Extreme Focus (Offensive) - After 1.5 seconds of not firing, her next shot does 30% more damage / Pickpocket (Utility) - 15% more gold is earned per kill.

Column 3: Confidence (Offensive) - Always does +10 % damage, but health is reduced for 10% / Long Lasting (Utility) - Killstreak lasts 30% longer.


  • Like Tower and Nathan, she is unlocked in a mission which doesn't unlock her class if it's won on normal mode for the first time. Gunslinger class is unlocked after mission 1.
  • Her appearance and name is most likely a tribute to the western outlaw, Calamity Jane.

Gallery Edit

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