The Bolt Sticker is a custom Pistol.

Bolt Sticker
Bolt Sticker
Slot Secondary
Type Pistol
Class All except for Juggernaut and Mercenary
Special Effect "Electrocutes Enemies"

Appearance Edit

This weapon is a large pistol with a golden body. It has a handle on the back which presumably increases its accuracy.


The Bolt Sticker is the custom version of the Crossbow. It is a single-shot Pistol. The Bolt Sticker has the highest impact and accuracy of all Pistols.

Special effect: Edit

Electrocutes enemies with each shot.

Overview Edit

Best used with Drum Mag, as it will make the Bolt Sticker have two bolts in its clip instead of one.

The Bolt Sticker is a nice secondary weapon to accompany short range, rapid firing weapons such as most Machine Guns.

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