• I am Vuelle

    Write any fiction about SFH, from a long and detailed piece on some lore you've made up for a character, or a funny short story about interactions between Alpha squad members and faulty GlobeX clones. You can include content from all the games, even Extraction, if you really wanted to. There's no length or words requirement, so you can go crazy with whatever format you like. 

    Join our unofficial sfh server and submit the best stories and shorts you can think of!

    DM us your entries as a sharable link (basically, anyone with the link can access it) to a Google Doc with commenting permissions on when you're finished. Feel free to ask questions and get support on your writing.

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  • D4rkDr5gon

    Best Juggernaut Ever

    November 10, 2020 by D4rkDr5gon

    If you want to fight it here's the code: SFH3[%-+)*&B1//&0BB',B',.)1%0%]

    What's so good about it you ask?

    • First of all it's traits arn't that bad, sure something like modest would of been much better than unlucky. Deflective armor and flame armor are ok, nothing special there.
    • Juggernaut 's are a very good class (if not the best).
    • It's upgrades are marvelous. That's why it's amazing. The three bes upgrades you can get, especially for a juggernaut. Healthy and repair bots are the ultimate combo, because one make you always be healing, and the other one makes you heal three times faster. And considering the amount of health a juggernaut has it basically becomes immortal. Also scavenger is an amazing ability for any character, making the probabil…
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  • Levelcake


    September 25, 2020 by Levelcake

    Rate Strike Force Heroes!  Good:    Great:      AMAZING!:

    Talk and chat at the bottom!                                             Post photos or Squad codes here! Make a whole gallery!

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  • Hoglad

    my codes

    July 21, 2020 by Hoglad

    I have 2 squads my powerhouse and my rookie. powerhouse is levels 17-22 and rookie is levels 10-12





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  • Siervenah

    Save File

    May 24, 2020 by Siervenah

    Where is the save file located ? I checked macromedia but it wasnt there

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  • Jabdul

    what is this

    April 2, 2020 by Jabdul


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  • Jabdul

    bolt sticker

    March 17, 2020 by Jabdul


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  • Jyn777888


    February 6, 2020 by Jyn777888

    I play this game so much i can't belive they have a whole wiki page about it this th so cool well this is my first post so well ARHGGG

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  • CliffGuy404

    It can be for any reason, for fun, because of the noise, etc. Mine is the ARX because it's accurate, it's fast, & the TRB (Three Round Burst) makes it great!

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  • Motmus

    Sniper Quests?

    September 22, 2019 by Motmus

    21 Looking for some sniper matches and every curios into amor games and reads alot of stuff about FANDOM and mostly likey use snipers everyday working on and likes to see people rage friendly Ps4 Beautydreamer and likes to play gta 5 sniping online if you wanna 1v1??send message and ill get to you soon as possible and this is one thing i wanna say go look at my youtube channel Motmus and see all of my sniper videos and go you like at ShotEmUpYT plays gta ever honorable person Likes to chill and ever Toxic Azf Dont try me like that and to the owner of amor games i would like to express my gradauted to you for making amor Games.

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  • Welikeweapons

    Sky9 Iron

    November 27, 2018 by Welikeweapons

    i like the name sky9 iron and don't bully me for that. it sounds cool to me.

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  • MrTaco56

    First Blog

    September 26, 2018 by MrTaco56

    Hi, I'm MrTaco! I just wanted to say hi and if you need any advice or info, shoot it past me. I might be able to help!

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  • Peytontheawesome


    May 20, 2018 by Peytontheawesome


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  • Entuv 233

    I only do it so that I get rid of boredom all wiki users pass their SFH 3 codes

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  • Ultinix

    • Primary: Hand Cannons
    • Secondary: Hattori Hanzo
    • Attachment: Burst Module
    • Equipment: Scavenger

    • Trait: Chameleon
    • Flaw: Disliked
    • Killstreak: Smoke Bomb

    • Kill Stealer
    • Healthy
    • Tactical Reload

    • As a ninja, Shadow assassinates enemies rapidly and silently from the burst of Hand Cannons in close combat.
    • If the enemy hasn't died yet, Shadow can finish the kill with Hattori Hanzo.
    • Her Killstreak is Smoke Bomb, which can allow her to get out of a sticky situation, capture the flag (if you're lucky), or kill enemies by teleporting random places.
    • Her trait, Chameleon, allows her to be unseen from the enemies. 

    • She can be unseen from the enemies.
    • She can quickly assassinate enemies due to Burst Module from Hand Cannons. Can finish up the kill using Hattori Hanzo.
    • She can …

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  • Wolf637


    August 15, 2017 by Wolf637

    If you know the YOU HAD ONE JOB meme, then you probably know this one, this comes from Sanchez's upgrades 

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  • Wolf637

    We love Strike Force Heroes. But did you know there's some funny stuff on the series? Take a look at a few images of funny content of Strike Force Heroes

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  • Sniper637

    Final Level

    July 18, 2017 by Sniper637
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  • Sniper637

    My Squad Code 2

    July 10, 2017 by Sniper637


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  • Sniper637

    My Squad Codes

    July 6, 2017 by Sniper637






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  • Sniper637

    So, a Roleplay Master YouTuber, decided to join the Strike Force Heroes. She thought it was about super heroes saving the world, but it is, instead, the Strike Force Heroes use guns. She didn't know it was about guns.

    Welcome to the team Aphmau.


    Game: Strike Force Heroes 3 (duh!)

    Aphmau as Mayday with black camo

    Song: Rocket Race

    Film by Wolf637 (me)

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  • Sniper637
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  • Sniper637

    Hey, again, I have a YouTube channel. Do you like DanTDM? Or Aphmau? Then I made a video in Strike Force Heroes 3! The video link below to watch them play (I played for them)!

    This is an Introduction about them. It's also my first video I made

    I told you people, Aphmau does look like this Medic below...

    In my channel, I made Aphmau as the Unique Medic (Mayday)

    So then again, subscribe to my YouTube channel!!!!!!!

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  • R2T9

    Life Update

    August 6, 2016 by R2T9

    Hey Guys! I know it's been a long time, and I do apologize for that. It's been a busy few months. I graduated from high school and am getting ready for college, which is a lot of work (textbooks, dorm stuff, new laptop (yay!)). Also, I haven't played SFH3 in months, so I'm a little out of touch with things. I would like to ramp up my presence on the wiki, which will include finishing the Weapons: Review series from ages ago. I think that's it, feel free to ask questions.

    Until next time,


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  • Foxhound13

    Showing Heroes and Preferences

    I wonder what you guys' setup and stuff. Here's my preferences.

    Member 1/Captain: Wesley/Nathan (Engineer). Once I got Nathan to level 30, I use him as the player character instead.

    Primary: Crazy Badger/Iron Curtain/Bennet's Doom

    Secondary: Righteous Bizon/Hattori Hanzo

    Nanomachines/healthy and drum mag/heavy load/foregrip

    This setup is very effective for both Wesley and Nathan. With healthy/nanobots skill upgrade combined with healthy/nanomachines, you can have 3x faster health regenation plus healing every time. This is kinda overpowered. I can tank hits like a juggernaut while spitting a hailstorm of bullets or rockets.

    CB/IC if you prefer assault rifles. Bennet's Doom if you prefer explosions. Righteous Bizon i…

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  • RedditRageBlade

    In the Strike Force Heroes series, and almost every shooter game, there are certain "mechanics" that one may use to do various things in the game. They include dodging, fake pathing, kiting, awareness and manipulation of AI, basic firing and aiming and techniques used with different guns, as well as your play style.

    "Why is this important? Why should I read this?" Well its not important at all and I don't why I'm doing this either, but your're here and I'm here so read on:).


    It's simple right, just dodge the enemies bullets. Simple in theory, not so in practice. Say there's an sniper with Intervention. You're a Juggernaut. The moment you'll think you're in range, jump. That should create a large window to punish him for missing. Then …

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  • TOTMGsRock

    Making a weapon fire 3 bullets per click, Burst Module is a powerful attachment for many weapons, but is useless with other weapons.

    Strengths:  Makes a weapon fire 3 projectiles per click, makes blades slice 3 times per click, especially destructive when used on Explosives.

    Weaknesses:  Reduces damage dealt by 35%, useless when used on Tavor or Popper (makes them 3-round-burst instead of 5), triples ammo expenditure, making it troublesome for Experimentals.  Also troublesome when used on SMGs, Machine Guns.

    When using Burst Module, it is important to choose the right weapon to be used on with Burst Module,  because if you choose the wrong weapon then Burst Module would harm the weapon instead of improve the weapon.

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  • TOTMGsRock

    Attachment Review

    March 1, 2016 by TOTMGsRock

    This post is about a new blog series called Attachment Review.  Posts in the Attachment Review series will focus on one weapon attachment at a time.

    The blog posts in Attachment Review will be in the following format:


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  • TheWildWestPyro


    February 8, 2016 by TheWildWestPyro

    So, hi to everyone here.

    I'm just another guy who likes playing the game, and works on TV Tropes occasionally.

    Also, I was the person doing all the rewriting for GlobeX and Strike Force Heroes recently. Apologies if I caused any trouble with my writing-I got really overexcited trying to connect everything together. 

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  • R2T9

    Weapons Review: Experimentals

    December 13, 2015 by R2T9

    Welcome to the last of the Primary posts in the Weapons Review series! It has been a pleasure writing these, but we are by no means done. But enough talk. Onward!

    Experimentals are weird...they're like Elementals 2.0. But I like them way more then elementals. Why? Read on:

    The Ion Cannon isn't that bad for a starter weapon. Actually, I would go as far to say that it is a darn fine weapon. It behaves similarly to a shotgun: multiple tendril/pellet thingies, high damage, low range. Except it has a good RoF and better accuracy than a shotgun...and that fact that it can poison enemies. As starter weapons go, it is one of the best. As experimentals go, quite good. As weapons's okay. The only main downside is range. Which is quite dismal.


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  • 7Pyrhus


    So if you want to play legit but you finished the story but there is still loads of stuff locked and you don't feel like spending a month to get everything that's in the game, I give you my save file which has literally everything in it for free.

    • More than 500k money
    • 15 level 30 heroes, all uniques unlocked
    • 296 custom weapons
    • All missions unlocked and won on insane
    • All medals

    So if you think the game is boring and slow and you can win anything, take the easy way and copy this file that has everything completed, everything unlocked into your SFH3 cache and experience the game how you are supposed to. Enjoy.

    Get the file here.

    If you don't know how to use the file, follow these steps …

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  • R2T9

    New Blog Series!

    November 29, 2015 by R2T9

    Hello all.

    I have decided to create a new blog series. It will be 8 posts, each post focusing on a different class. I will cover traits, characteristics, weapons, and attachments.

    I will shoot for two posts a week: one weapons review, one class review.

    Make sure to vote in the poll for Custom or Secondaries. Stay safe out there, and see you next time.


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  • R2T9

    Weapons Review: Elementals

    November 26, 2015 by R2T9

    Hyrdrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon, Phosphorous, Plutonium...sorry about that. Wrong elements. Anyway, I'm sure you're all wondering what I'm doing writing a blog on Thanksgiving. You see, I am thankful for the internet. All the world's information at my fingertips...and a place for us gaming nerds to do our thing. But...what am I not thankful for? The answer is...Elementals.

    Elementals are insane. Literally a constant stream of stuff flying out of a weapon...and all they do are provide status effects. Poison, Fire, and three others I don't care about. Let's get this thing done.

    I really like it. Sleek, smooth and fast. Wait, what? Oh. The weapon, not the car. Dang. A reference to the famous inventor, the Tesla shoots electricity. Sounds cool…

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    November 25, 2015 by XIABCIx

    So many people play this game but there are only like, 16 users in this wiki :P

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  • R2T9

    Weapons Review: Explosives

    November 21, 2015 by R2T9

    Welcome to the 6th post in the Weapons Review series!! Grenades, grenades everywhere/Rockets flying through the my song? Whatever. Let's get started.

    Find me one person who doesn't like explosives? Anyone? Going once, going twice...? That's what I thought. Nothing beats the sight of an enemy blowing apart from an expertly fired rocket. (Maybe mint ice cream, but it's a toss up). .................................................................Anyway, let's get crackin'!

    Possibly my favorite starter weapon in the game, the SMAWG is just epic. Seems to be the spiritual successor to the RPG of SFH2, only better. Capable of one hit kills, it doesn't lack in the power department. Only downside to this monster is the unguided rockets. S…

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  • TOTMGsRock

    SMGs are pretty powerful secondary weapons.  Hence their name, they have high fire rate, but they have low accuracy and, like most other secondary weapons, have inferior range.

    This submachine gun has good RoF and decent impact, but it is starter weapon.  It can be replaced by more powerful weapons later on.

    One of my favorite SMGs, the MTAR has a 3-round burst, making it have a lot of DPS.

    I don't really like this SMG because it has low RoF, which is ironic for SMGs.

    This weapon has extremely high fire rate, but also very little ammo.  Try not to use it until you get closer to the enemy.

    Much better than the Vector, because it has a lot of fire rate AND more ammo.

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  • TOTMGsRock

    Weapons Review Continued

    November 15, 2015 by TOTMGsRock

    This blog post and the series of blog posts that are "Weapons Review Continued"-ish are a continuation of the original Weapons Review series.  Of course, the "Weapons Review Continued" series are also inspired by the original one. The format of the posts are also inspired by the original Weapons Review posts.

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  • TOTMGsRock

    Blades are Secondary Weapons that are really close-ranged.  However, all blades can be used without limit.  This makes up for its poor range.

    The Katana can deflect projectiles and has high impact.  The disadvantage is that it does not have much RoF, but that is only a minor disadvantage considering the high impact and the ability to kill an enemy with his/her weapon by deflecting the projectile back at him/her.

    Unlike other Blades in the game, the Knife has high RoF, the highest RoF of all blades (second only to its custom version, the First Blood), which makes it pretty devastating.

    The Axe has plenty of DPS and is the second-fastest blade in the game.

    The Stun Baton can inflict status effects on enemies, but has low impact compared to other…

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  • TOTMGsRock

    They are powerful, futuristic weapons, most of them of which can inflict status effects.

    Obviously the best non-custom Experimental you can ever get, Rail Gun is even better for sniping than any actual sniper rifles!

    Ah, the Ion Cannon.  Reminds me of the Malevolence's ion cannon from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Ok, back to SFH3, the Ion Cannon isn't the best weapon, but it is a handy starter.  It works like a shotgun and can poison enemies.

    Hence its name, the Laser Cutter shoots lasers at the enemy.  The Laser Cutter has very high fire rate, combined with the chance to ignite enemies, makes it a pretty powerful weapon.

    Fires white, bouncing grenade things that do not explode.  Weak impact, but it's projectiles move pretty quickly and has grea…

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  • Deronsmith

    ayy lmao

    August 22, 2015 by Deronsmith

    Hello, my name is Deron (no s*it bro) my profile picture is from a meme which i've edit with microsoft paint and windows 8 photos and *insert text here*

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  • R2T9

    Weapons Review: Machine Guns

    August 18, 2015 by R2T9

    Welcome to the fifth post in the Weapons: Review series! Today we will focus on... (scary music)... Machine guns...dun dun dun...

    Machine Guns are sort of a cross between Rifles and Shotguns. Proof: Damage: Rifle, RoF: Rifle, Accuracy: Shotgun. Sold? Probably not. Ah well. Enough of this. On with the show!

    The starter machine gun, the MK48 is certainly a capable weapon. It doesn't really stand out as a weapon, but it is good and reliable, capable of being used throughout the whole game. As machine guns, the MK48 is a good all around weapon. Yes, other machine guns are better, but the MK48 can certainly hold its own in combat. It really doesn't excel at anything, but it also doesn't really stink at anything either. A good, balanced weapon for…

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  • R2T9

    Weapons Review: Shotguns

    August 9, 2015 by R2T9

    Welcome to the fourth post in the Weapons Review series! This post will be focusing on the world of...(scary music)...shotguns.

    Usable by Ninjas and Juggernauts, shotguns are excellent close range weapons, weapons that requre you to get up close and personal with the enemy. Not for long though, because shotguns kill very quickly. Lets get this PARTY STARTED!!!

    The first shotgun obtainable in the game, the R870 is a capable but average weapon. The R870 is average. Average damage, average accuracy, and an 8 round magazine. As shotguns go, the R870 is a good all around one. Now, in the world of shotguns, all around = close to mid range. No headshots halfway across the map. In fact, no headshots at all! I digress. The R870 is a capable weapon. Y…

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  • R2T9

    Weapons Review: Snipers

    July 31, 2015 by R2T9

    Welcome to the third post in this series! This post, obviously, will focus on snipers. Dun dun dun...

    Who doesn't love headshoting someone from halfway across the map? Anybody? No? Going once, going twice... You get my point. Sniper rifles are AWESOME! Let's kick it off with my old favorite:

    Just the name strikes fear into enemies' hearts. Well, maybe not in this game. The Intervention, unfortunately, got a huge nerf from its SFH2 levels. Now it is the starter sniper in the game, a fact that really ANNOYS ME!!! (Deep breaths). Okay. The Intervention is a good sniper rifle, but lacks the one shot kill capacity it excelled at in SFH2. (Why? I don't know). For a sniper, though, it has darn good accuracy (90-99), which is one of the highest in t…

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  • R2T9

    Weapons Review: Duals

    July 30, 2015 by R2T9

    Duals are, obviously, two weapons available to two classes (Gunslinger and Ninja). They vary in appearance and use.

    The first Dual available in the game, the BM9s are just dual pistols. They are an introduction to the world of Dual weapons. See them for what they are: starters. They are good balanced weapons, useful for almost any type of combat. However, I did not say effective in any type of combat. Since they are the first Dual weapon, they have average stats. They serve as an all around weapon, but as the game progresses, they lose their effectiveness and should be replaced with...

    The Judges are dual revolvers, taking us back to the days of...cowboys? (More accurately, 2010). An excellent replacement for the BM9, the Judges have a simil…

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  • R2T9

    Weapons Review: Rifles

    July 28, 2015 by R2T9

    Welcome to the first post in the Weapons Revivew series! This post will focus on Rifles.

    Rifles are, in general, the jack of all trades weapon in the game. Available to two classes (Medic and Engineer), they provide a balanced weapon to use in combat.

    Available as the starter weapon in the game, the Honey Badger is a good all around weapon, capable of effective combat at any range. However, it is what it is: the starter. It is a good weapon in the beginning of the game, but as the game progresses, it loses its effectiveness. By no means am I saying it is a bad weapon, just that you should treat it as what it is: the starter. For those who like the playstyle of all around weapons, my recommendation is to upgrade to the AK12 ASAP. Speaking of …

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  • R2T9

    Weapons Review

    July 27, 2015 by R2T9

    So I decided to make a series of blog posts reviewing the weapon types in the game. Each post will include:





    And other things that I haven't decided on yet. Look out for the first post soon! :)

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