Bennett's Doom
SFH3 BennettsDoom
Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Special Effect "Instant projectile speed"
Bennett's Doom is a Custom Explosive weapon and the custom version of M202 rocket launcher.

It has the highest damage per second (DPS) than any other weapon in the game, even higher than the Big Willy.


Bennett's Doom is much more improved than M202. It has instant projectile speed, extremely high accuracy, but no homing. It's huge (but probably the only) disadvantage is low ammo. There are reloads, but there are only few rockets until you completely run out of ammo, and you run out quick.


The most important thing is to pick up ammo packs oftenly. Or simply put the Ammo Pack weapon attachment and Bennett's Doom is almost flawless. Due to great long range, projectile speed, and accuracy, this rocket launcher can be used on the final mission to quickly take out the bosses by firing from upper platforms or in the corner.

Have a secondary which is good at short range like the Vector or P90, or any type of blade that can kill the enemy really quick (Big Willy and Hattori Hanzo are best choices.). You run out of ammo quickly and you will need it.

This weapon is one of the best choices for the Mercenary (depending on your playstyle you may find Iron Curtain better for the Engineer), although other custom rocket launchers (Dragon's Breath and Tank Buster) have huge advantage with Drum Mag (infinite ammo and no reloads). However it is only a bug that could be fixed in future.


  • Name of this weapon is reference to Commando film, where the main villain named Bennett fights against protagonist John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who uses M202. The M202 was known as Commando in SFH 1, 2 and Extraction spin-off.