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De scription[]

Attachments are weapon modifications that can be attached to any weapon in the game. An attachment may have a different effect on different weapons. They are also known as Weapon Mods.

Attachments can be equipped in the attachment Mod slot in the base. Unlike Equipment, attachments don't have restrictions and are all offensive.


Attachments can increase accuracy, damage, fire rate, ammo, or give a weapon the ability to afflict enemies with various status effects (elemental rounds). However, most of them also include a negative side effect. For example, Auto Trigger turns the primary weapon fully automatic, but reduces damage per shot by 20%. Attachments are not visible on weapons in-battle. All cosmetic attachments on a weapon show its Status. For example if a BM9 has a laser sight visible, it is not because you equipped it with a Laser Sight but because it is Flawless status.

List of Attachments[]