ARX 160
ARX 160
Slot Primary
Type Rifle
Class Engineer


Blueprint No. 20
Custom Version Future Soldier

The ARX 160 is a burst-fire Rifle in Strike Force Heroes 3.


Being the only burst fire rifle in the game so far, it sports somewhat average stats are average for a Rifle. However, it does have a large magazine containing 40 rounds and a higher RoF due to it's burst-fire nature. Its unique, custom version is the Future Soldier.


Because of it's burst-fire firing mode, it sports high accuracy and low recoil. It's larger magazine also means that each magazine has a higher killing-potential and reloads are less frequent. However, equip a secondary weapon good at close range combat. Preferably an automatic, since the ARX 160 is better suited for mid to long ranges.


  • The ARX 160 in SFH2 was semi-automatic.
  • Most AI using this gun have high kill counts.